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Parish Kitchen is a ministry of the Diocese of Covington

Donation Methods

All donations are tax-exempt.  For secure, online donations, click below:

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We also gratefully accept checks or money orders made to Parish Kitchen. 

Please mail to: Parish Kitchen P.O. Box 1234 Covington, KY 41012


Parish Kitchen’s ability to nourish the hungry 365 days a year is made possible because of the financial nourishment provided by the generosity of compassionate donors who share and believe in its mission to feed the hungry, nourish souls and strengthen communities.  Just as the human body relies on nourishment to thrive, so too, does the Parish Kitchen.   

Monetary Nourishment that Honors

Memorial Gift – Consider a donation made in memory of a departed family member, friend or neighbor.

Honorarium Gift – Consider gifting a loved one with a donation in his/her name in celebration of a birthday, anniversary, graduation, retirement or any celebratory event.

Tithing Gift – Consider a monthly donation as a way of giving back and sharing the gifts and blessings that God has given to you. 

Charitable Bequest

A gift for the future…  What do you want YOUR Legacy to be?

Your commitment today can help ensure the viability of the Parish Kitchen’s future.  A charitable bequest, through your Will or Revocable Trust, allows you to maintain your lifestyle and financial commitments today, while providing an avenue for you to support Parish Kitchen for future generations.  A thoughtful gift, your bequest will ensure a critical service that provides the most essential of life’s basic necessities to the most vulnerable of our community.

It is important to note that a Charitable Bequest can be made in memory or in honor of loved ones as a meaningful tribute to someone you hold dear.

For more information regarding the set-up of a Charitable Bequest, please contact:

Parish Kitchen (859)581-7745 OR Vicky Bauerle, Institutional Advancement Manager, Catholic Charities (859)581-8974

The Diocese of Covington Catholic Charities USA