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Disaster Response

In times of disaster, Catholic Charities is prepared and ready to help. We recognize the value of coordinating Disaster Response and Recovery through the sharing of resources, people, and other support.

Whether it’s flooding or tornadoes, Catholic Charities responds with tremendous compassion, commitment and speed. Our preparedness to act when disaster strikes is made possible through our partnerships with the following agencies and organizations:

Cincinnati Area Chapter of American Red Cross
Tri-State Community Organizations Active in Disaster (COAD)
Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA)
Northern Kentucky Health Department Disaster Preparedness

Our Disaster Response partners provide critical services to meet immediate needs. But disaster response represents only a small part of our mission. The other vital key to disasters is recovery. Catholic Charities long-term comprehensive case management is available to assist families in developing and implementing a recovery plan to help stabilize their household and achieve economic self-sufficiency.

Catholic Charities Disaster Response and Recovery may assist with:

  • Counseling, outreach and referral services
  • Connecting to emergency funds for food, shelter, clothing and other necessities
  • Networking with Diocese of Covington parishes and organizations
  • Providing volunteers to assist in disaster relief
  • Advocacy for survivors and their family

From disaster response professionals visiting parishes, to delivering information and resources, to volunteers collecting and distributing food and supplies, to neighbors checking in on neighbors, the entire Catholic Charities community has responded to meet the human needs of those affected by disasters through a simple act of extending a hand and creating hope for rebuilding lives.

For more information please contact Vicky Bauerle at vbauerle@covingtoncharities.org or 859-581-8974 ext. 116.  

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