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Jail & Prison Ministry

The Jail Ministry Program at Catholic Charities strives to meet the spiritual needs of all who are impacted by the criminal justice process. We work with people who are incarcerated or about to be released from jail or prison, families and friends of the incarcerated, and victims of crime. We emphasize justice and mercy for everyone in our work. We are concerned about the effects of crime and punishment in our society and advocate for justice in these areas, promoting responsibility, rehabilitation, and restoration.

Catholic Charities staff works in partnership with agencies, correctional facilities, and volunteers to develop and support appropriate programs for those who are impacted by the effects of crime and punishment.

If you have a loved one that is incarcerated, we invite you to attend a monthly support group for Family and Friends of the Incarcerated.  This is an opportunity to share and offer support in a safe and confidential environment.

Those interested in serving as a volunteer in our Jail Ministry Program are invited to complete a Volunteer Application Form.

To attend a support group or to serve in our jail Ministry Program as a volunteer, contact Dave Pike, 859-581-8974 ext. 117 or dpike@covingtoncharities.org.



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