Extend a Hand. Change a Life.

Our Mission:

We serve all people in our Diocese who lack basic human needs, including physical, spiritual, or emotional, regardless of their religious beliefs. Using a unique holistic approach, we support and empower our clients to achieve self-sufficiency by providing guidance, tools, and life-skills. We also serve our volunteers, supporters, and partner agencies / ministries by providing the means for them to serve and assist their neighbors in need through our programs or referrals.

Our Vision:

To be the hands and feet of Christ to all we meet. Represent the Diocese of Covington as the Catholic Church’s ministry of mercy by performing corporal and spiritual acts of mercy. Develop and share expertise in social services field, including clinical and non-clinical social work. We will partner with our Parishes and other caring individuals and organizations to extend our expertise and services to all 14 counties of our Diocese.

Our Values:

  • Spiritual. At our core as Catholics and Christians, we strive to live the teachings of Jesus by bringing the beatitudes to life wherever we serve.
  • Compassionate. We meet people where they are to make Christ’s mercy present to all, recognizing the dignity and gifts of each person and accepting the diversity of responses to God's call to be fully human. We are particularly sensitive to those who are marginalized and those who need help.
  • Empowering. Our unique, long-term approach of helping the whole individual by focusing on their mental, emotional, financial, spiritual, and physical needs empowers them to reach their full potential. We utilize a “hand-up, not hand-out” approach by asking our clients to make a commitment to us, just as we make a commitment to them.
  • Impactful. We recognize and embrace that our efforts must achieve results. Our professional staff is credentialed and experienced, our programs tested and accredited and our approach comprehensive to drive long-term results. We strive to continually improve by utilizing best practices and are accountable to our stakeholders.
  • Inspirational. While we are inspired by Jesus’ teachings and the resiliency of the human spirit represented in those we serve, we strive to inspire our community and encourage them to live their Faith by inviting them to serve with us.


The Diocese of Covington Catholic Charities USA