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Parenting Education

The goal of the parenting programs at Catholic Charities is to strengthen the relationship between parents and children. We recognize that parenting is a difficult job, that children can be challenging and demanding, and sometimes their behavior is hard for parents to understand or change.

We help parents to develop appropriate expectations of their children by teaching them how children grow and learn. We teach communication skills that prevent problems from developing, and healthy alternatives to yelling and spanking that encourage children to cooperate. We support parents in developing healthy, nurturing relationships through spending constructive quality time with their children.


Family Wellness

Eight 2 hour sessions focusing on enhanced communication skills as the basis of healthy family relationships. No fee.

Parent-Child Program

An interactive, fun class for parents and their children under age 5. Learn why children act the way they do, and how to respond in ways that encourage co-operation and build self-esteem. Weekly two-hour sessions. No fee.

Parenting Consultations

An opportunity to meet individually with a parenting educator to discuss a specific issue and design a response. Sliding scale fee.

For program information or to enroll in a parenting class:

Call Client Care 859-581-8974
Monday - Friday
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

For more information on a parenting class or workshop for your community group:

Call or email Anna Phillips at 859-581-8974 ext. 129 or aphillips@covingtoncharities.org.

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