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Clients Speak

Catholic Charities Clients had this to say about their services:


I like seeing David. He's nice and understands me.

Wonderful people to work with

Thank you for helping me with everything you could. We appreciate your services and blessing our family.

Patti Anderson was an outstanding help and was a great lady to deal with! I would highly recommend her!

I am still working on my goals.

Very happy with my visits


My husband and I were fortunate to work with Patti.

It feels better to talk all of this over with another person that is neutral to the situation.

Excellent Place

I love this "program." Everyone here has been welcoming and very willing to help my build this relationship with my daughter. I'm so gratefull for Catholic Charities!

I believe Catholic Charities readily reach out within their abilities to help people.

I'm feeling better already after just 4 sessions and I'm eager to move forward with my treatment plan.

I really feel these sessions are beneficial.


I love coming and receiving services here, has helped me more than you know.

I love you guys.

Anna has been very helpful.

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