Extend a Hand. Change a Life.


Catholic Charities is considered a hidden treasure in the community. Inspired by the teachings of Jesus, driven by its deep felt obligation to help the poor and fueled by a group of dedicated, experienced staff and passionate volunteers, Catholic Charities, Diocese of Covington, operates behind the scenes providing hope to the community’s most vulnerable. For over 85 years, Catholic Charities has been serving as Christ’s hands by helping people to become self-sufficient and lead healthier physical, mental and spiritual lives.

1948 - Monsignor Edward Klosterman, Director and Mary Moser, first agency social worker
1948 - Monsignor Edward Klosterman,
Director and Mary Moser, first agency social worker

Operating as the primary outreach organization of the Diocese of Covington, Catholic Charities has served those most in need in our community since 1931. Originally operating as Catholic Social Services Bureau, a child welfare agency, licensed for child-care and placement in 1948, the agency has grown to serve a wide variety of needs for the Northern Kentucky community. Catholic Social Services Bureau became a member of the United Way of Cincinnati in 1955, and in 1960 the agency mission was broadened to provide counseling services to strengthen families. Although the world has changed since then, the needs of the poor remain, and Catholic Charities continues to help.

Catholic Charities is part of Catholic Charities USA – a national organization that leverages the scale of the Catholic Charities network and shares best practices from communities across the country while also advocating for justice in social structures. While this affiliation is beneficial, Catholic Charities Diocese of Covington raises 90% of operating funds independent of Catholic Charities USA as well as the Diocese.

Today, Catholic Charities provides multiple programs to over 10,000 persons annually; in addition we provide 65,000 meals each year at Parish Kitchen, without regard to race, religion or life circumstance. Our mission is “to promote healing, restore hope, and affirm human potential through services that empower, voices that speak for justice and partnerships that strengthen communities.” The agency feeds the hungry, provides shelter for the homeless, comforts those in despair because of mental illness or addiction, and supports the newly released from prison who are homeless, jobless and friendless.

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