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Son Rise Morning Show

Listen to Son Rise Morning Show at 8:20 a.m. on station 740 AM on the fourth Thursday of the month to hear Catholic Charities staff member on the show.

Below are the audio clips from the past shows. Click on the name to hear their time on the show.


Alan Pickett, Executive Director of Catholic Charities, Diocese of Covington talks about the response to COVID-19 on Sacred Heart's Son Rise Morning Show. Aired 5/28/2020 

Rice Bowl

Mike Murray (Stewardship Director of the Diocese of Covington) discusses the Rice Bowl campaign with Annie Mitchell on the Son Rise Morning Show. Aired 01/23/2020

Vicky Bauerle, Institutional Advancement Manager talks about upcoming fundraiser, CaSSba. Aired: 07/25/2019

Mental Health and Our Children
Sheila Dumford, MSW, CSW, School Counseling Supervisor & School Counselor, talks about mental health and our children. Aired: 4/26/2019.

Mercy Mat Initiative
Charlotte Boemker, Institutional Advancement & Development Associate, discusses the Mercy Mat initiative and how people can volunteer to help. Aired 4/4/2019.

Jail Ministry
Dave Capella, Jail Ministry Coordinator talks about the jail ministry program. Aired: 3/1/2019.

Lent and Rice Bowls
Mike Murry, Director of Stewardship at the Diocese of Covington, talks about Lent and Rice Bowls. Aired: 1/31/2019.

Catholic Conference of Kentucky
Andy Vandiver, Associate Director of Catholic Conference of Kentucky talks about what is going on in Frankfort. Aired: 1/24/2019.

Alan Pickett, Executive Director

Alan Pickett, Executive Director, talks about Catholic Charities. Aired: 12/20/2018.

Parish Kitchen
Maria Meyer, Parish Kitchen Manager, talks about Parish Kitchen, a ministry of Catholic Charities.

Megan Bowling, MA, LPC, Clinical/Pregnancy/Adoption Counselor
Megan Bowling talks about the Adoption and Pregnancy Counseling at Catholic Charities Diocese of Covington. Aired: 6/28/2018

Faye Roch, Director of the Pro-Life Office for the Diocese of Covington
Faye Roach talks about the Pro Life Walk the Bridge for Life. Aired: 5/25/2018.

Sheila Dumford, School Counseling Supervisor
Sheila Dumford, School Counseling Supervisor talks about child abuse and school counseling. Aired: 4/26/2018.

Patti Anderson, Housing Supervisor
Patti Anderson, Housing Supervisor talks about Housing Counseling Services. Aired: 3/22/2018.

Diane C. Mushaben MA, LPCC, Licensed Professional Clinical
Diane talks about Trauma and Its Treatment. Aired: 2/22/2018.

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