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Listen to Son Rise Morning Show at 8:20 a.m. on station 740 AM on the fourth Thursday of the month to hear Catholic Charities staff member on the show.

Below are the audio clips from the past shows. Click on the name to hear their time on the show.

Lisa Ramstetter, Human Trafficking Advocate
Lisa Ramstetter, Human Trafficking Advocate, for Covington, Kentucky Rescue & Restore, Catholic Charities of Louisville, talks about education, outreach, and victim services. Aired: 3/23/2017.

Mike Murray, Director of Stewardship and Mission Services of the Diocese of Covington
Mike Murray, Director of Stewardship and Mission Services of the Diocese of Covington talks about the CRS Rice Bowls for Lent. Mr Murray and Alan Pickett, Executive Director of Catholic Charities co-hosted the Rice Bowl Kick Off.  Aired: 3/3/2017.

Alan Pickett, Executive Director
Alan Pickett, Executive Director Catholic Charities talks about an upcoming event—Catholics at the Capitol. Aired: 1/26/2017

Troy Garrard, Director of Parish Kitchen
Learn more about Parish Kitchen, a ministry of Catholic Charities. Aired: 12/16/2016

Charlotte Boemker, Institutional Advancement Associate
Upcoming Annual Campaign Event-Table of Plenty. Aired: 11/3/2016

Monica Kuhlman, MA/NCC
Monica Kuhlman, MA/NCC, Adoption and Pregnancy Services Supervisor talks about Catholic Charities Adoption program and Entrustment Ceremony. Aired: 10/27/2016.

Donna Moreland, MSW, CSW
School Counselor talks about the Reach and Teach Mentoring Program. Aired: 9/22/2016

Vicky Bauerle
Event Coordinator for Catholic Charities upcoming Fundraiser CaSSba Goes Wild. Aired: 7/28/2016

Anna Phillips, BA, FDC
Parenting Program Supervisor & Educator provides the listeners with great parenting tips. Aired: 6/30/2016

Monica Kuhlman
Adoption and Pregnancy Counseling Supervisor talks about the program services and who can use the services. Aired: 5/27/2016

Laura Jackson
Substance Use Disorder Supervisor talks about the SUDS program and the PAL (Parents of Addicted Loved-ones) Free Support Group.  Aired: 3/29/2016

Lesley Duggan
Volunteer Coordinator speaks on a new volunteer opportunity. Mercy Mat Ministry.  Aired: 2/26/2016. 

Sheila Dumford
School Counseling Supervisor talks about the counseling program in the schools. Aired: 1/29/2016. 

Diane Mushaben
Mental Health Counselor talks about counseling and how Catholic Charities can help. Aired: 4/29/2016.