Extend a Hand. Change a Life.

Reach & Teach Mentoring Program

In 2012 Catholic Charities’ School–Based Counseling expanded with the addition of an after school mentoring program called Reach & Teach, a supplement to its therapeutic counseling in participating schools. The program is designed to improve academic success and promote self-confidence and positive choice making through high school, volunteer mentors. Mentors are paired with grade/middle school mentees who meet for one hour after school one day a week. The first half-hour, the mentor assists with homework promoting academic success and responsibility. The second half-hour focuses on fun, social activities to build a mentor/mentee relationship that promotes positive self-esteem, positive choices and trust. Reach & Teach is supervised by a Catholic Charities’ School-Based Counselor. The program’s duration is October thru April with approximately 26 sessions.

For the safety of everyone involved, due to COVID-19 we will not have Reach and Teach at the start of this school year. We are hoping to be able to begin in 2021... so check back soon for updates!

Listen to School Counselor, Donna Moreland, MSW, CSW, shares on the Son-rise Morning show the purpose, importance and impact of the Reach & Teach Mentoring program.


  • Mentors are high school sophomores, juniors, seniors in good academic standings.
  • Mentors are screened and recommended by their high schools.
  • Mentors have two commitment options:
    • The full duration of the program, October-April. Mentees receive the greatest benefit when they have the same mentor from start to finish.
    • January thru April, approximately 16 sessions
  • Mentor Qualities:
    • Desire to be a positive, influential role-model
    • Comfortable with school-aged children
    • First-rate listening skills; positive and encouraging communication skills
    • Ability to practice diplomacy, sensitivity, and confidentiality

Mentors contribute directly to the success of the Reach & Teach Program by helping mentees achieve their fullest potential and discover and grow their own strengths.

High school students wanting to become a mentor for the current school year should fill out an application and contact Kristina for more information at kjolly@covingtoncharities.org, 859.581.8974 ext. 119. 

High school principals interested in partnering with the Catholic Charities’ Reach & Teach Mentoring Program, contact Kristina at (859) 581-8974 ext. 119 or kjolly@covingtoncharities.org.