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Driving Home the Faith


Dan Meier talks about Parish Kitchen

John Hehman talks about Mobile Food Pantry

Listen to John Hehman, Mobile Food Pantry Coordinator, talk about the new program that Catholic Charities is preparing to roll out soon. Aired 6/11/2020

Alan Pickett talks about Catholic Charities

Listen to Alan Pickett, Executive Director of Catholic Charities, talk about our response to COVID-19  on Sacred Heart Radio. Aired 05/14/2020

Brandy Medaugh talks about St. Joseph Apartments

Listen to Brandy Medaugh talk about list at St. Joseph Supportive Housing on Sacred Heart Radio. Aired 12/19/2019

Cindy Dennemann talks about School Counseling and the Holidays

Listen to Cindy Dennemann, LPCC talk about the effect of the holiday season on children on Sacred Heart Radio. Aired 11/14/2019  

Maria Meyer talks about Parish Kitchen

Listen to Maria Meyer (Parish Kitchen Manager) share more about Parish Kitchen on Sacred Heart Radio. Aired 10/10/2019

David Capella talks about Jail Ministry

Listen to David Capella (Jail Ministry Coordinator) share more about the Jail Ministry Program on Sacred Heart Radio. Aired 9/12/2019

Vicky Bauerle talks about CaSSba

Listen to Vicky Bauerle (Catholic Charities Institutional Advancement manager) share more about the annual fundraiser, CaSSba, on Sacred Heart Radio. Aired 8/8/2019

Patti Anderson talks about Housing Program

Patti Anderson (Housing Supervisor) discusses the different programs Catholic Charities housing program has to offer. Aired 7/11/2019

Diane Mushaben Talks About Mental Health Issues

Diane Mushaben, MA, LPCC, Counselor, discusses mental health issues. Aired: 4/11/2019.

Charlotte Boemker, Mercy Mats

Charlotte Boemker, Institutional Advancement & Development Associate, discusses the Mercy Mat initiative and how people can volunteer to help. Aired 3/14/2019.

Michael Murray Talks About Operation Rice Bowl

Mike Murray, Director of Stewardship and Mission Services, Diocese of Covington, talks about Rice Bowls and Lent in the Diocese of Covington.  Aired 2/15/2019. 

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